Click here for my work with Corinne Day 93-07

My work with Corinne Day 93-07 


Corinne Day is the photographer that gave me my break in fashion in 1993. 

We’d become friends through a mutual friend and I originally got to know Corinne better when she asked me to hi-light her hair for her. She had so much hair it used to take ages to colour and so we’d sit chatting for hours about every 3 months or so. 

We had a similar taste in music, film and imagery and when she asked me to colour a models hair for a shoot she was doing for the Face magazine, of course I offered to help. 

I coloured the models long hair platinum blonde, but deliberately left about an inch of dark roots for the purpose of the shoot. 3 days before the actual shoot happened, the hairdresser Corinne had booked to do the hair pulled out, so she called me and asked me to do the hair as I’d already worked on the colour. 

I agreed to do it, as I knew she was in a pickle and I just thought I was helping out a friend who was stuck. I took a day off sick from the salon I was working at to do the shoot and it was published 3 months later which is the usual procedure for fashion magazines. 

In one of the pictures I sprayed the ends of the models hair pink and I created a Mohawk shape. This particular shot is included in this archive and I can honestly say it was one of the images that helped launched my career in fashion. Everyone loved it and I instantly got booked on a shoot for Italian Vogue from this shoot. 

The rest is history as they say and my friendship with Corinne not only continued, but also grew into a special friendship that you don’t have with many people in a lifetime.

Corinne’s untimely death to a brain tumour in 2010 was not only a loss to the fashion and art industry but to all her family and close friends. She left a huge impression on us all.

This is an archive of the shoots I worked on with her over the years just as a record and to show you, the people looking at this, what a talented woman she was.

Corinne Day 19th FEB 1962 – 27th AUG 2010

Click here for my work with Corinne Day 93-07